Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ellevator's membership requirements?

Our membership experience is designed for those who are emerging executives within their organization and/or founders. We vet applicants to ensure our members can benefit from membership and peer support. In order to add value, our membership is limited. We use a range of factors to determine if the criteria for the membership is met.

What is the membership fee for Ellevator?

The membership fee is $3500 annually.

What can I expect from the application process?

Once you submit an application and you meet our membership criteria, we will connect with you via email within two weeks to schedule a 30-minute video interview. During the interview, we spend time talking through your career and interest in membership. At that time, we will also share more information about our Ellevator and answer questions. If you qualify for membership, we’ll send an acceptance email typically within one week after your interview.

What happens if I’m not accepted to Ellevator?

We will reach out via email regarding our decision, which may be based on our membership criteria or capacity. If it is based on our membership criteria, we hope to invite you to join as you progress with your career or we evolve to serve more segments of women in the workplace. If it is based on capacity, we will share with you a date in which we expect to open membership again.

What services come with a membership to Ellevator?
Live virtual courses presented by subject matter experts, renowned speakers, in-person events, electronic community platform, member meet-ups, on-demand content and job postings.
What is Ellevator’s non-solicitation policy?

We understand the Ellevator members may conduct business with each other, and we encourage this connection across our community. It is, however, critical that Ellevate is a trusted community for our members and free of solicitation. We do not allow proactive sales, marketing efforts or surveys within the Ellevate community for the purpose of driving future business.

How do I submit an event or speaker idea to Ellevator?
We love receiving event and speaker ideas from the broader business community and invite you to share those recommendations by emailing [email protected]. Because we receive an extremely high volume of these requests, and plan our programming roster in advance, we are only able to respond to event and speaker submissions that may potentially fit into our editorial calendar.
How can I partner or collaborate with Ellevator?
We would love to learn more about a potential partnership. Please email [email protected] with background on the opportunity. Because we receive an extremely high volume of these requests, we are only able to respond to partnership ideas on which we would like to move forward.
Can my company work directly with Ellevator?
Yes, Ellevator Enterprise for businesses looking to proactively invest in their emerging women executives. Ellevator Enterprise is for companies that want to progress their gender diversity commitments by engaging, developing, and retaining their emerging women executives.
What is the best way to contact Ellevator?
Please email us at [email protected].