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Welcome to Ellevator

Ellevator is a private membership organization focused on elevating the skills and network of women of color. Membership is for mid-level managers (manager through senior director) and founders.

  • Are you a manager or director hoping to move into an executive leadership role in the next 2-3 years?
  • Are you a founder looking for ways to grow and fund your business and ensure its success?
  • Are you looking to enhance your skills and marketability to significantly increase your income?

…then Ellevator is for you.

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Who We Are…

Ellevator is an organization built for women of color by women of color.

Ellevator was born from the experiences and passion of founder Ayesha J. Whyte and advisor Lauren Maillian. Ayesha is an experienced Chief People Officer and employment attorney who has worked for iconic brands such as The Walt Disney Company, WeWork, and Amtrak. Ayesha keenly understands what is required to rise to the senior executive level in corporate spaces. Lauren, a serial entrepreneur, has played a role in more than 40 startups, contributing to a portfolio representing more than $5 billion in market capitalization.

What We Do…

Ellevator is the first and only organization providing curated educational content specifically for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, and Middle Eastern women to help them reach their career goals. We connect our members with a network of peers across roles, functions, and industries. Additionally, we provide our members with executive coaching, career mapping, funding sources and personal branding guidance. Members also have access to exclusive job opportunities and in-person events with successful founders and C‑suite leaders.

Why We Do It…

We realize that DEI efforts that aim to support women of color in the workplace and in business are waning and under legal attack. Thus, we designed Ellevator to create a space where women of color can learn with and from one another and ascend to the highest level of their careers. Women of color deserve to have a place where their talents are nurtured and enhanced, where they are seen, heard, prioritized and celebrated. 

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Connect with peers while collectively acquiring skills and insight to propel your career or business forward. 

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